Digital Education for All
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Enabling every child to learn online

picture of students studying using mobileDigital Education, a Game Changer
The world is changing, education has evolved and conquered new frontiers. From conventional classrooms to the digital world. From textbooks and libraries to the new age of digital connectivity, the online world opens new opportunities for the youth of Kerala to realize their potential. Sadly though, access to these opportunities remains unequal.

The Emerging Educational Divide
The pandemic has opened a digital divide that is preventing a large number of students from fulfilling their true potential, simply due to the rising cost of digital technology and hardware. Current trends indicate that digital formats will be an integral part of the educational system in the post-COVID world.
Owning a laptop or a personal computer is still a dream for many students in Kerala. Lack of access to digital devices should not prevent such students from their right to a quality education.

The Solution

picture of students studying using mobileVidyakiranam Scheme – Bridging the Digital Gap
The Vidyakiranam Scheme by the Government of Kerala seeks to empower young students without the economic means to be a part of the new wave of education powered by digital technology. By urging the participation of individuals, groups, associations, or organizations alike, we hope to enable these students with quality laptops/tablets to put them on the same starting line as the rest of the students in the world. A laptop to change their future!

The Process

Transparent, Simple, Efficient

  1. The Government identifies beneficiary schools that requires support in the state.
  2. The Government works with globally renowned hardware manufacturers to provide laptops of standard specifications at a significantly subsidized price. The partner companies or companies are selected through an open tender process. The Government wishes to identify multiple manufacturers and multiple models of laptops to facilitate variety of options.
  3. The Vidyakiranam scheme online portal then enables contributors (individuals, groups or organizations) to purchase and place orders for either a laptop or a batch of laptops, which can be then directly shipped to a school of their choosing, in a region they prefer. The government only acts as a facilitator in the entire process.
  4. The scheme also provides us an option to provide financial support in case we do not wish to categorically specify the name of the beneficiary school or the number of laptops/tablets.